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Our Personal Trainers Make the Difference

Tru-BodyWork, LLC is designed to promote wellness through fitness, nutrition, and massage therapy. Tru-BodyWork, LLC was founded by Wellness Coach Truesdale. He is a National Certified Massage Therapist, A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Black belt, Certified Lypossage Therapist, and Licensed Aesthetician.
   Coach's love for fitness started as a high school football player. He later started coaching football and also was a martial arts instructor. It was during this time he realized his passion to help others reach goals that at one point seemed unobtainable. He also learned a great deal about leadership in the US army as a medic. As a surgical technician he has not only seen the human body on the outside, but also on the inside by assisting doctors in various surgeries.
This gives him an edge when a client speaks about a total knee replacement, carpal tunnel surgery, back surgery, torn ACL, or a broken bone. His education is extensive but he takes a great deal of pride in the fact that he has years of hands-on experience.

With his medical background, Coach understands the body from a medical point of view. With his fitness background, he provides information to keep the body strong. Martial art training allows him to understand the importance of discipline, flexibility, and meditation. Massage therapy taught him the importance of relaxation and well-being.

When a computer breaks, we call a computer technician. When a car needs repairs, we call a mechanic. Once your body needs work, call Tru-BodyWork, LLC.

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